Pediatric Conditions

Dr. Neary and Dr. Lawyer understand that treating pediatric orthopaedic problems necessitates a specialized approach that accounts for the unique anatomical and physiological characteristics of growing bodies. Dr. Neary and Dr. Lawyer address a diverse range of musculoskeletal issues, such as congenital abnormalities, fractures, deformities, and sports injuries, among others. Careful consideration is given to factors like skeletal immaturity, growth plate function, and the potential impact of interventions on long-term development. 

Treatment strategies often encompass a blend of conservative measures, such as physical therapy and bracing, alongside surgical interventions when necessary. Close monitoring of growth and development guides decision-making, with a focus on optimizing function, mobility, and quality of life for pediatric patients. Effective communication with both children and their families is fundamental, ensuring informed decision-making and fostering trust throughout the treatment journey. By combining expertise in orthopaedics with a deep understanding of pediatric physiology and development, Dr. Neary and Dr. Lawyer strive to deliver personalized, comprehensive care that supports the unique needs of young patients.